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How it works

1. Select your preferences

Do you want a standard Lucha Loot chest or are you looking for some Deluxe Booty?  What is your T-shirt size?  Do you want to save by signing up for multiple months?  The cut-off for each month's chest is the  23rd of that month.

2. We curate your Lucha Loot chest

From our offices in Mexico City to our officially licensed manufacturing facilities in San Diego, we'll select authentic lucha libre items including a mask, t-shirt, lapel pin and more for you including at least one "Lucha Loot Exclusive" item every month!  Chests ship around the 27th of each month.

3. Enjoy the monthly booty!

YOU get awesome lucha merch delivered straight to your door!  The luchadores get royalties paid to them.  And we sail the sea again to collect treasures for your next chest!

Helping people discover awesome 100% officially licensed lucha libre merchandiseis what we do!