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Lucha Loot "Buried Treasures" Mystery Crate

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It's been nearly 36 glorious months of Lucha Loot crates packed with 100% authentic lucha merchandise direct from Mexico, direct from luchadores or under official license to Masked Republic. While most crates sold out, we have quite the collection of masks, autographed 8x10s, issues of Rudo Can't Fail, awesome t-shirts and an array of exclusive and limited edition collectibles and now for the holidays you can get one for yourself, or a friend/loved one/hell send one to your enemy and share the joy of lucha with, as Konnan says "likeminded friends or foes." Each crate is guaranteed to contain at least: 1 commercial grade mask (the kind you would purchase at an event, but high quality - zipper back, one size fits most), 1 t-shirt, 1 autographed 8x10, 1 issue of Rudo Can't Fail, 1 DVD and additional collectibles you would have found in previous Lucha Loot crates if you were a subscriber. Each crate contains at least DOUBLE it's price in merchandise. You're paying $20.00 but the crate contains at least $40 worth of merchandise - more likely $50+. Just the t-shirt and mask alone retail for $25-$30 together. Add the signed 8x10 worth at least $10. Then add the RCF with it's $5 cover price. You're at $40 before even getting to the DVD and the additional items!

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